Warby Parker Piper Review

Warby Parker Piper Review

If you're in the market for glasses, then you've probably heard of Warby Parker. This glasses company offers prescription eyewear starting at $95 that's stylish and feel good. For every pair they sell, they donate a pair to someone in need.

Having a zest for fun glasses has lead me to their site on multiple occasions browsing their styles, dreaming of which one would be mine when I got a new Rx. They have brick and mortar locations all over the United States, with two in New York. They offer a fabulous home try-on program that lets you try 5 pairs for five days. Send them back, choose the ones you want and get them shortly after! No need for a prescription- anyone can wear their glasses whether you have 20/20 vision or practically sleep with your eyewear.

I always prefer trying on glasses in a store and highly recommend it if you're visiting New York. Try on all the glasses you want, place your order and receive your new frames 7-10 days later in the mail. New Yorkers love Warby Parker because they can pick up hipster or fashion forward glasses for the price of a nice meal out.

Now, the Piper!


I love me an oversized pair of sunglasses- it really adds a touch of glamour to your outfit. That said, not all sunglasses that swallow up your face are flattering. You really need to hide your dark circles in an appropriate way. Despite my small ovalish/heart shaped face several of Warby Parker's frames just didn't look good on me. However, the slightly cat-eye Piper caught my attention before stepping foot in the store so I made a point to try them on. And of course I bought them!

If I had a penny every time someone complimented these sunglasses, they would be paid for! They are truly star-worthy frames. There is no indication they are Warby Parker except for a demure inscription on the inside. Having worn these in the pool, at the beach and in the shower (glasses need to get clean too!) I can attest they hold up extraordinarily well. I travel with them too (no choice when you don't own contacts) and am the walking spokesperson for wearing sunglasses and no makeup whatsoever.

I feel fabulous wearing such oversized frame. As with several prescription sunglasses, the tint isn't entirely dark so you can still see my eyes through the lenses, but not so much so that you could tell I'm rolling my eyes at a dumb joke. There can be a reflection off the lenses at times, but these are not reflective lenses.

The Piper is a classic shape and color (Jet Black). I'm so happy with these that I may not even buy a second pair of sunglasses. This is a habit I formed years ago- two pairs on hand make me feel more secure if one breaks. If I do decide to buy another, I know it won't break my wallet.




Warby  Parker Flagship
121 Greene St.
New York, NY