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Cinnamon Snail at The Pennsy

Food, NYCNicole FaithComment
Cinnamon Snail at The Pennsy

After a long wait and tons of drool, former vegan food truck The Cinnamon Snail opened it's first permanent location in The Pennsy, above Penn Station last month. It's the perfect spot for commuters and Herald Square vegans, because this area sorely lacked vegan cuisine. With nothing but fast food in Penn Station and dismal meat-centered bars in the neighborhood, this is the new go-to for hungry vegans.

Having done years on the streets of New York as a food truck, the parking and hassles of being a food truck became too much for The Cinnamon Snail. They spent a few months cooking up a surprise, which turned out to be this fabulous new location. The Pennsy is a cafeteria style space with several vendor booths, all serving up something different. You go to the booth you want food from, order, then take it to your table. Of all the vendors, The Cinnamon Snail was the only booth consistently busy- line and all! They are also the only all-vegan vendor here, so that's really saying something. The Little Beet, another vendor, has vegan options on their menu but it's nowhere near as extensive as The Cinnamon Snail.

I waited on line for a few minutes before ordering, and less than 5 minutes later my food was ready! The Cinnamon Snail sets the bar high for vegan comfort food, and never disappoints. I got the Maple Mustard Tempeh Sandwich which was absolutely delicious. I also got a chocolate donut, chocolate cheesecake confection (organismic) and an apple pastry. Too bad I was so in the moment I forgot to take pictures. Sorry not sorry!


Their short but sweet menu boasts sandwiches, burgers and even drinks like root beer. The daily pastries change and are on display so you can take forever to choose like me. Donuts, cakes, croissants... oh just get them all! You will never regret it.

Let's all rejoice the world can get vegan sugary and savory goodness at nearly any hour thanks to The Cinnamon Snail's new location.



Cinnamon Snail @ The Pennsy
2 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY


Monday - Saturday 11am - 11pm
Sunday 11am - 8pm


Interested in exploring Midtown- land of office buildings, Grand Central and commuters galore? The Cinnamon Snail at The Pennsy was just added to my Midtown vegan tour!